die Schallplatte

die Schallplatte

das Original

      side a            
  1   science fiction / bouble feature   4.30   richard o`brien    
  2   dammit janet   2.51   brad, janet    
  3   over at the frankenstein place   2.37   brad, janet, riff raff    
  4   the time wrap   3.15   riff raff, columbia, magenta, narrator and  
              the transylvanians    
  5   sweet transvestite   3.21   frank n furter    
  6   i can make you a man   2.07   frank n furter    
  7   hot patootie - bless my soul   3.00   eddie    
  8   i can make you a man: reprise   1.44   frank n furter    
      side b            
  1   touch-a, touch-a, touch me   2.27   janet    
  2   eddie   2.44   dr. scott    
  3   rose tint my world            
  a   floor show   2.46   brad, janet, columbia, rocky    
  b   fanfare / don`t dream it   3.34   frank n furter    
  c   wild and untamed thing   1.53   frank n furter, riff raff    
  4   i`m going home   2.48   frank n furter    
  5   super heroes   2.45   brad, janet    
  6   science fiction / bouble feature: reprise   1.26   richard o`brien    
      acoustic & electric guitars       count ian blair    
      bass guitar       david wintour    
      saxophone       phil kenzie    
      keyboards       **rabbit    
      keyboards       richard hartley    
              **appears courtesy of island records    

recorded at olympic studios, london

remixed by keith grant & phil chapman

sleeve designed by john pasche, gull graphics

musical direction & arrangements by richard hartley

produced by richard hartley


ode sounds & visuals - epic - 1975 - ode records